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Ri Ra написал(а):

как вообще эта армия в рамках ФБ себя показывает? сбалансированная? полом? неспособие?

Довольно популярны листы на ДП с колдуном\ 2 ДП. играют в основном от кавалерии и колясок + хелпушка, хотя вполне можно порулить коробочками воинов. Хорошая армия в общем, на уровне остальных переизданных в 8-ке.

по сравнению с 6й-7й редакцией все новые книги выходят без перегибов и имбы. Помнится я продал свои 4-5к Вампиров после переиздания - было неинтересно играть, одни победы за счет бездумной магии. Сейчас все сбалансировано (кроме ебаных лизардов)



Nix написал(а):

Жаль, больше нет угадывания дистанции :)

дааа, вот это был реальный хардкор ) эх, времена давно минувших лет...



Появилась наконец полная книжка хаев, со спецчарами: … ition_Full






ололо-ололо …
много всяких динозавриков)))



В предзаказе появились новые лизарды



Какой потрясающий коммандник! … D_SET.html



Новая книжка лизардменов, в офигенном качестве: … 600f2876f5



October: Dark Elves
The October will bring Dark Elves with a new Armybook, not Dwarfs!

February: Dwarfs
The Dwarf release has Switched to February

April: Bretonnians

New Rumors for the 9th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy

-All Softcover Armybooks will obsolet with the new release.
-The Starter Box will released at the same time as the Hardback Rulebook
-The Set will include a Book called "Armies of Warhammer", this Book will handle simplified Armylists for ALL avaitable Armies.
-Armies of Warhammer will give Player a little view of all Armies and they Units, also it will be a transitional solution for the obsolet Armybooks
-Armies of Warhammer will be a part in the Hardback Rulebook
-The Rulebook in the Set will be a simplified "Starter Rulebook"
-A smaller complete Hardback Rulebook will released too, called "Warhammer - The Rules"

-The ruleset will chance again, GW has recognized the last Edition was an hard inpact for sells of Warhammer products
-The number of special rules will reduced
-There will be no releases of Fantasy Suppliments, the books will contain more background. Page numbers up to 150 pages are possible!



via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
If 9th edition were coming out, it would have the rules for all of the armies found in brief within the Core Rulebook.  This would be for a player's reference to know the gist of what they might face against, not so much to make an army list and play from.

That said, if 9th edition were coming out, any army that does not receive a hardback 8th edition rulebook will notice that in the 9th edition core book their rules will be slightly more detailed, including points costs changes and the like; but they would still need their 7th edition arnybook to play in earnest.

Said armies would also be the first to get updated with 9th edition books if the new edition were coming out.

Also, any armybook after and including Lizardmen also is being built with the next edition already in mind, regardless of when 9th is actually going to come out.


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